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Natural resources and economy
Natural resources in the Golan are various : water, earth, flora, and the climate itself. The most important of these is sulferous and mineral water of Hamma , Wadi Masoud and Ngaib in the south. Huge Bazalt and lime stones are used in building materials. Natural plants, wild animals and birds. Fish is usually available on the eastern shores of lake Tiberia and in the rivers.
Agriculture :

Fertile soil and high average of precipitation made %63 of the population of the Golan adopt farming as a profession. The main agricultural products of the Golan are wheat, barley, corn and beans. Bteiha and the Yarmouk valley were most famous for producing vegetables even in winter because of their warm climate. Apple and grapes grow in the slopes of Mt. Hermon. Olives, citrones, bananas and roses grow in the plains and valleys of the warm south :(Bteiha , Hamma and the Yarmouk valley) . Old explorations showed many old stone presses used for pressing olives, a sign that olive trees were very old in the region. In 1967 there were three modern olive presses in Quneitra alone.
Animals in the Golan: Cows and sheep are the most common domestic animals in the Golan. Dairy products are profitable for Golan farmers. live-stocks farms were introduced lately to grow very fast side by side with bee hives.
Industry: Industry in the Golan was limited to the production or processing of raw materials such as wheat grinding, olive and grapes pressing, and dairy production. Manufacturing rugs and kelims, wood and metal ploughs were very common in Golan.
Trade: Golan trade was proactive with internal Syria, and Palestine until the year 1948.Good roads and transportation helped developing trade with neighboring governorates as well.

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