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Water of the Golan is highly important for occupied Palestine. The most important sources of water are :

1- River Jordan (more than 120 million cubic meters /year):runs mostly in the Golan and is fed from Mt. Hermon sources and from three main tributaries known as :Banias, Laddan and Hasbani. All of them run in Syrian Territories.

2- River Yarmook. The Yarmouk basin ( 7584 square km) forms the separation line between the Golan and Jordan. River Yarmouk has several tributaries too: Hreir and Raggad in the east. The first brings water from Hawran and the western slopes of Jabal alArab, and the second brings water from the eastern slopes of the Golan. Lake Mzeireeb forms the head of the river which meets with the River Jordan near Samakh ,9 km south of Lake Tiberia. Raggad pours more than 480 million cubic meters of water annually ,something equal to the amount the River Jordan gives after it leaves Lake Tiberia.
The Golan has many valleys in which water from winter rains flow to feed the Jordan and yarmouk rivers. When heavy rains fall, Inclination of the land speeds up water running to change it into floods that cover the valleys. These valleys are: AlFajr ,Hawa, al Raheb ,Naaran, Samak Masoud and others. More than 50 other sources run along the Syrian-African rift bringing water to the region. Some of them give +500 l/second.



نهر اليرموك

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