Wednesday, 29 May 2024



The National Charter of Syrian Citizens in Occupied Golan

We , the Syrian citizens in the occupied Golan feel it is imperative to declare, with clarity and openness, to the whole world , to the UN and to all of its organizations , to the world public opinion in general and the Israeli public opinion in particular , our attitude towards the Israeli occupation of our land .

Israel has relentlessly tried to deprive us of our national character by attempting to annex the Golan, or to impose Israeli laws on it . many times Israel tried to oblige us to dissolve in the Israeli society and integrate with it . she tried to draw from us the Arab Syrian citizenship which is the source of our pride and honor, and to which we have no alternative .We inherited this citizenship from our ancestors from whom we took the our Arabic language. From our fathers and grandfathers we inherited this land  which was irrigated by their sweat and blood .They saved no effort to protect it and keep it free . We now, also pledge to remain loyal and sincere to their heritage and to cede no inch of this land , regardless of how long the occupation will last ,or of the pressures forced on us . This is our natural and spontaneous attitude .It is identical to the attitude of any people submitted wholly or partially to occupation .

Out of the historical responsibility belied on us and on our children towards coming generations we announce this charter :

1-   Occupied Golan is an integral and inseparable part of Arab Syria. .

2-   Arab Syrian nationality is an indivisible and binding element of our national character .It is a transitory element inherited generation after generation  .

3-   Our land  is a nonnegotiable ownership to all the Syrian nationals under occupation . Any individual who is tempted to sell , to cede or to surrender a span of it to the Israeli occupation, commits an unforgiving crime of treason towards our society .

4-   We do not recognize any Israeli law that aims at  integrating us with Israel. We definitely refuse all the laws issued by the Israeli government in the purpose of depriving us from our Arab Syrian nationality .

5-   Local and sectarian councils are considered illegal because they were established by Israeli military governors and receive their instructions from them. Heads and members of these councils do not represent us under any circumstances .

6-   The persons ,from all social sectors ,who stand against the occupation and reflect our attitude in words and actions are the only people authorized to represent our people .

7-   Every individual in the Syrian occupied Golan who weakens and changes his Syrian nationality to an Israeli one , humiliates our dignity , our national pride , our religion and our traditions. He will be treated as a traitor .

8-   Our irreconcilable and irreversible decision is : Every individual who accepts the Israeli nationality, or violates the content of this charter, will be treated socially and religiously as a convert. He will be deprived from all social transactions until he repents and asks for forgiveness and pardon .Only then he can restore his social position and original nationality .

We adopted this charter relying on our spiritual , national and human heritage , which encourages us to protect the social tissue of our society, to call for virtue and abhor vice ,and to maintain a deep loyalty to our nation.


Masses of the Syrian occupied Golan



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