Wednesday, 29 May 2024


Participating in social events in the Arab world and in Syria :
Syrian Golanis, although besieged by Israelis, are not secluded from other countries. Due to their deep belief in Pan Arabism and unity of the Arab world they react to every event in that world. An example to this is the long march that crossed the streets of Majdal Shams on October 1st 1970 when president Abdul Nasser died. Thousands of people carried black banners to express their sorrow, and the Syrian flags to express their deep link with their home land. The same happened again when, in June 2000, the late president Hafez al Asad died. Again black banners and Syrian flags were hoisted to express solidarity with their mother nation. In several occasions people of Golan expressed their sympathy and solidarity with the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza, with the Lebanese in Southern Lebanon.

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