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The war stopped on October 26th., but the Israeli didn’t respond to the UN resolutions and refused to withdraw from the occupied land. So Syria launched a /85/ days war of attrition after which fire ceased and negotiations started about a disengagement agreement which was signed in Geneva on May 31st 1974. Fighting stopped, but Israel continued its arrogance and refused to leave the occupied Golan. On 14 December 1981 Israeli Knesset surprised the world by declaring annexation of the Golan to Israel .This measure was totally refused and considered null by the UN in its resolution no. 497 of 1981.

Results of the October war 1973
In the October war Syrian forces led by late president Hafez Al Asad could destroy the legend of the Israeli super power (prevailed after 1967), and could restore large parts of the Golan including Mt. Hermon ,and could reach the eastern shores of lake Tiberea. Israeli defensive lines fell easily in front of the Syrian Attacks.When the war finished and a disengagement agreement was signed, president Hafez Al Asad in a unique unforgettable ceremony hosited the national flag in the central square of liberated Quneitra on June 26th. 1974. Thousands of Syrians rushed to the site to participate in the celebrations after 7 years of occupation. To their surprise Syrian people found that the Israelias had completely and deliberately destroyed Quneitra before withdrawal, a signal to their animosity and hatred. The destruction of Quneitra and hundreds of the villages of the Golan will always be a stimuli for the Syrian people to behold to its land, defend it harshly and work hard, under the leadership of president Bashar Al Asad to restore every inch of our occupied land.

القائد الخالد يحي العلم بعد رفعه في سماء القنيطرة




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